A boy in an unknown city- the survival 

And our fun time was over….. soon we were in the Dubai health authority where all of us had to go for blood tests and x ray etc… this was the protocol followed before issuing the Emirates resident ID card. 

All the management trainees were placed in different verticals of the organization. We were into the immersion program where in we assigned a mentor and a buddy to finish up the immersion, we had to have a thorough understanding of the business before we were moved to our main projects. As days passed by i started to get acclimatized to the new surroundings luckily i was placed in the Indian dominant areas of dubai which by itself gave me a feel of mini India. 

Soon it all started I got busy understanding each and every aspect of the business thoroughly. It was the time when our God of cricket visited for the 200th opening of our pharmacy store right opposite to the hospital it wasn’t just a pharmacy store it was a hypermarket. The crowd went crazy waiting for him for almost 3 hours then he showed up on stage, he was right in front of me I couldn’t believe my eyes I am watching the man himself who actually made my childhood awesome a true Indian a genuine sportsmen can’t add adjectives it would be an insult to the man’s stature he is just GOD. Amongst the crowd the cheer the noise my phone rang!!!!!! It was our corporate HR manager she asked me to get the gang straight to office tomorrow morning, in return I had the guts to ask her what is it ? Is there any problem landing up for us was the question burst out of mouth. She politely answered “No vishwa not at all “. The Sachin fever just faded for all of us we were there right in front of him but our mind was totally lost thinking of what’s coming in hot for us. 

10 am corporate head quarters we reported to her PA right on time he asked us to sit down and wait. It was a 2 hour long wait in the lavish lounge. 12 pm she landed out of no where and said hey guys how u been doing lately in American accent we didn’t know what to respond to her obnoxious accent we just looked at each other’s faces and stayed calm. Soon we were again into the board meeting, yes the same lavish board room with all the amenities and off course the burj khalifa around us. 

“Good news guys” she exclaimed we were suprised of what the good news is, yet again we dashed into each other blank and lost. One of you will be shifted to Qatar was her statement and I till date don’t have the answer of what exactly happend at that moment and everything turned out to be a fish market “hamla” “aakraman” ” halla bol” all this came out of every management trainees mind and we gave her a full blown resistance. None of us agreed to go to Qatar as it was just a month we reached Dubai and have just started to acclimatize ourselves. No matter what we do we fight we resist at the end of the day boss is always right and we had to face the COO of Qatar, meanwhile all the mini devils inside us discussed “chahe jo bhi ho hum sab saath mae he usko mana karenge ” . We all went to meet him like unwanted bulls and only slated yes sir no sir as if we were least bothered what he was asking.😂😂😂😂. 

And we were asked to leave and resume offices but we decided to go on a nice lunch and waste our time there, as a boy I take the credit of this plan only boys have the liberty to think about fooling around unlike girls😎😎😎 hence we followed the plan and had lunch for almost 2 hours it was almost 5 pm we returned to our base camps and just crawling around like infants wasted another one hour and was the time to go home. 

Thoughts like “I have successfully wasted another day of my life ” came across my mind. 

Stay tuned for who is that one human that is going to get a Qatar transfer ? Will there be more turns and twists or just a simple stay ? 

Coming up next…….. 

A boy in an unknown city – “the interns induction” 

No fans what do i do ? A country where everything runs on A.C. we Indians are not much fond or don’t much find centralized a.c. at our homes….. it was 21:00 hours local time and I was searching for food later I found a restaurant named “Karachi darbar” I never knew it was a Pakistani restaurant until I sat on the table and ordered the food….. as a Hyderabadi it was my birth right to be fond of biryani hence I had to order chicken tikka biryani…. to be honest it was just good cannot compare with Hyderabadi delicacies. 

22:30 hours I was in my room busy on phone trying to fix the wifi connection but kept failing… there was a door bell, I was quite surprised who could be at this hour ?, Was the question arised to my surprise the door was opened by the man himself I didn’t know why did he even had to ring the bell when he had the key “non sense” I uttered. He said hi i am adil and I obviously had to respond so I said hey i am vishwa and he disappeared into his bedroom without having a minimum courtesy of telling me the Wifi password….. I tried to sleep but couldn’t as the a.c. was not properly functional….. some how the night passed away it was 6 am when I opened my eyes had to get ready by 7 30 am and wait for the driver to come and pick me up. 

Nervousness at its best when I entered the cab that came to pick me up I just turned around to see 5 girls whom I have never seen in my entire life I just said hi and they quickly responded hello vishwa as if we knew each other since ages. It was a 30 min drive to business bay from the place where I stayed it was our corporate head quarters and we were supposed to report for duty at 8 am. Only thing that was running in my mind was “yaar abh yeh log mera passport zapt karlenge abh mai kahi nahi jasakta “. 

Business bay 8 am as we reached the parking lot of our office it was a 38 floors building for me it was the first time to enter such a tall building and the elevators were totally different we didn’t have to press any of the arrow mark but had to enter a number 38 and then enter only then would the lift come indicating A,B,C D E and F whatever the alphabet the screen showed after entering number 38 we had to stand towards the lift and enter inside. 

Mr. Rajeev thakur our HR who was given a responsibility of our entire weeks induction. He planned it as per our top heads convenience to come and give us a lecture of what the organization is all about and how do we do the right business. 

Rajeev- hey all did u get your passports. 

And we had to say yes forcefully amongst the six of us one had the courage to ask our original convocation degree which was with them we had to courier it before we landed for our visa designation she said “ek haath sae lo dusre haath sae do ” I realized that this girl had all that courage which I lack in and my respect to her increased on the first day itself. This negotiation of hers went fruitful and we were provided our degrees instantly but we were sad to give away our passports, seeing our puppy faces he said there is nothing to worry we will not keep your passports with us we have taken it only to complete the visa formalities and nothing else it would generally take 3 weeks of time and you all will be returned your passports. Sigh!!!!! All my worries took a stand still and I started building affection to the organization and the country. 

Series of boring lecturers started and we just kept staring the audio visuals of a lavish boardroom and me peeping outside the window of our boardroom just to stare the beauty of “burj khalifa” as they were our neighbours. Vishwa said the man who was giving the lecture I know your interested in the magnum opus structure but I assure you all that you all will be taken there very shortly. That raised the level of honor and affection even more to my company, mini me popped up and said “kya baat hai sahi hai beta “. 

Soon it was lunch time and our HR manager came to us and said guys “bhuk lagi hai ” ? And again the mini me popped up “haan kutton ki tarah sir ” we were taken for lunch moti mahal right next to our office and I ordered again the same chicken tikka biryani but this time it was indeed lip smacking we had it all tummy full we were and was our manager he said now no more boring lectures let’s register you over our intranet portal and give u your laptops and official email ids suddenly I felt so important person of the organization “they are giving us laptops and official email id wow i said” abh ayega mazza kaam karne mae. 

Lenovo t450 was the laptop given to us which itself costed over a lakh rupees and we were also given our official email ids. I felt so important for myself for the first time in my life “haan yaar hum mae koi toh baat hai ” was my perception, we all were happy the entire week just passed by staring at burj khalifa and the audio visuals of our lavish board room.

The company provided us a city tour by their own expenditure we were having the best time of our lives. 

Will I survive ? Will I pull it off and become Assistant Manager within 6 months of training? How many hurdles will I have in between? Will I be able to attend the convocation back in india? 

Stay tuned for “the survival” 

A boy in an unknown  city-“the arrival” 

As we landed at the Dubai international airport, I was still struggling to hear any thing at all, sharp piercing pain in my ears which the say is very coman while landing. I was not aware that I will be facing all these terrible and unnecessary pain post landing effect u can call it 😉😉😉. 

We headed towards immigration counters we were asked to carry our e-visas in hand before we face the immigration officers. So many of them wearing their “kandooras” which is supposed to be their tradition as they say it keeps them away from the heat that is mostly seen in the UAE. I had no idea what I was doing where was I, being a boy I needed to take care of the fellow lady or my companion but it was the other way around….. I was lost totally ….. scared of those people in kandooras who are often referred to as ” the emiratis” or the locals of dubai. But to be very honest they are lovely people full of life. 

Immigration counter- the officer greeted me salam alaikum I replied walekum salam as I knew the language being in Muslim culture since my childhood I know the way they greet each other…. aarrr uuuu aaa doockktoor he asked in his arabic slang….. I had to say no just to avoid any future conversation I just wanted to finish the immigration and leave as I was aware of these immigration checks and the strict rules of dubai I had nothing but to leave…. the mini me praying inside so that I get a green signal asap and head towards the exit.

Finally we moved towards the exit i could see the world famous Dubai duty free on my right I wanted to get inside and buy tonnes of alcohol but couldn’t as I was not aware of any of the rules of the UAE hence I decided not to take any risk and keep walking towards to exit. 

Driver came to pick us up was holding a placard with both of our names on it and we went straight to him. We got into a black Camry which was off course automatic and left hand drive all this was new to me. I had no idea where the driver was taking us all he said is we r taking you to the accommodations, after 20 mins of drive the car stopped at a free parking spot and my name was called and was asked to get out of the car. I jumped out of the car driver pulled my luggage and called for the elevator it was a 4 storey building whose reception was quite dim and no body around…. mini me started having unnecessary conversations where am I? Why did they bring me here ? Are they going to kill me ? Are they going to take my passport back ? What do i do? Whom do I call? No network on my cell phone. The driver and his assistant followed me to the second floor and opened the door. It was 2 bhk lavish apartment with everything in it. But all the lights were dull felt like some of max Payne game scenes scrolling in my mind. He said this is your accommodation. I was a little hesitated to even ask him anything who knows he might get irritated and do anything to me. I peeped into the apartment and found not a single human being in this big apartment worried scared me somehow asked the accommodation incharge if any one else is staying with me he said yes Mr.adil stay in the opposite bedroom. That was his last statement of the evening and he left. 

Alone was I in the entire godforsaken apartment all dim lights we Indians are not used to such dim scary Halloween rooms all we need is bright lights and loudness and I already started missing India. Mini me again hits back was this you signed up for ? Leaving all your loved ones coming far away from them ? Is this the life u r going to choose ? And I kept checking my phone but no signs of network at all 😓😓😓😓😓 

18:30 hours local time I just stuffed my back to one corner and left went down in search of a sim didn’t knew my hunt for the sim will be very short soon I got into the store and asked for a sim he asked for my passport and I readily gave it to him after 10 mins of procedure he gave me the sim and I made the first call to India. Every one back home eagerly waiting for my call it was 8 30 pm in india and the phone rang and was answered in one ring as if they were only waiting for my call. 

The conversation begins spoke to them told them all that what happend unfortunately dad was not at home as he was busy dealing with the home shifting thing I told them all what I am scared about and how pathetic I feel I literally cried over the phone begged them to please tell this one dam line “ghar wapas aja” but they didn’t I was angry I was annoyed ki yeh kyu nahi anae derahe hai kya paisa he sab kuch hai all the Hindi films and scenes revolving round my eyes. I was planning the great escape on the day 1 itself. The next day was supposed to be our induction we were 6 choosen ones 5 girls and I was the only unfortunate boy in the gang…… 

What happend next ? Did I fled the place or I stayed back? 

Stay tuned many more on its way……. 

A boy in an unknown city – first flight 

It was the time where i had to say my family good bye lots of people around my family my cousins with whom I partied the entire night before I left…. what was I running away from? Why did I have to drink so much? ….. was it the nervousness that I am going to stay “saath samundar par” from my people or was it because tomorrow it is going to be the first flight of mine as I am a little aerophobic? 

Soon the taxi arrived which was suppose to take me to the rajiv gandhi international airport in Hyderabad. The clock struck 10 and i was out of my home with all my bag packs and stuff….. I felt as if this was my “bidaai” ….. bidaai is a ritual that happens with the girls when they get married and leave their home….. in india. But some where the connection and the emotion of mine to bidaai was mutual i too felt the same…. was not able to face my parents nor my cousins I just collaboratedly once in for all said a good bye and sat in the taxi and I left……… 

Airport : so many planes waiting for pushback some for landing some to get to the gates…. I was searching for my indigo i352 airline. My friend said she would come a little late as my flight was supposed to be departed by 2 30 pm so she told she ‘ll come by 12 30 pm and I am the one who reached at 11 am itself…… But somehow I had my friends waiting to see me at the airport…. some where in the corner of my mind was a tiny little thought what if my companion wouldn’t turn up ? Do I have to go alone ? Do I have to catch the first flight all alone ? Questions and answers running all over my mind leaded me to a state of full blown confusion……. and one final verdict came out of my brain “if she doesn’t turn up I am not going to enter the gate” ……. and we waited to hear from her….. friends gave gifts hugs and selfies and selfies and more selfies….. 

On boarding procedures started we went to get the boarding pass I cannot believe she bought 50 of her family members just to send her off 😂😂😂😂 boarding pass checked● immigration checked● security checked ● and we had to wait until the final call for boarding….. nervous me was staring at the flight that was suppose to take us safely to Dubai I was planning my escape from the airport but didn’t know where do I go ….. I couldn’t go back home because my entire family was still there what would they think…… I had the so called “dream job” but didn’t have the courage to board the flight….. then I made up my mind now or never and boarded the flight…… the flight was signalled for pushback and was heading towards the runway ……. luck or not we had angrez as our pilot which gave me a little relief that we were in safe hands…… once the flight hit the runway it just took off in fraction of second now that’s what I call “experience” it always matters….. my companion was forcing me to look outside the window then I gathered all the courage and just peeped outside for a second I was in the clouds was i dead? That was the first question came up from the mini me that I had inside since childhood another question popped up what is going to happen next ? Will I ever land safely or will I die in sky? 

3 hours and 40 mins later we were on our final and were waiting for clear to land….. 

Dubai international airport…… 17:30 HRS local time Dubai is 1 Hr 30 mins behind India. 

Koi toh hamare peeche hai was the statement came out of my head….. 

Destiny …. karma ….. unknown city…. 

To be continued…….. 

A boy in an unknown city- Prologue 

Indigo airline landed at Dubai international airport flight i352 17:30 hours local time.

He was accompanied by one of his Batchmate or you can say class mate whom he didn’t know much about she was shy Indian girl. And I was chronic alcoholic. 

Before landing to Dubai international airport I had 4 months of time in hand where I had to do so called final internship or dissertation which was supposed to be submitted in the college before I leave India. But It didn’t actually happen. The question is why ? Didn’t it happen? 

I was just a regular student finished my graduation in dentistry…… so basically I was a qualified dentist “people say so” didn’t know what to do ahead in life I some how decided to do post graduation in hospital management that too after spending one year or you can say wasting one fill fledged year at home…. watching tv drinking with cousins, fighting the odds etc etc etc….. finally the day had come where I had to appear for MAT entrance test. I did give my MAT without any preparations and I managed to score 89.3 percentile, when I found out I got a 89.3 percentile I was shocked so was my family….. I got admission in one of the top 10 B schools of India.. …. 

Stay tuned for what happens next. 😁



* Asymptomatic ( without any symptoms )

* Acute retroviral syndrome.



* Asymptomatic

* Persistent generalized lymphadenopathy.



* Moderate unexplained weightloss (10% of presumed or measured body weight).

* Recurrent respiratory infections (respiratory tract infections, upper respiratory tract infections, sinusitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, otitis media, pharyngitis).

* Herpes zoster.

* Minor mucocutaneous manifestations (angular chelitis, recurrent oral ulcerartion, seborrheic dermatitis, prurigo, popular pruritic eruptions, fungal fingernail infections).



* Unexplained severe weight loss.

* Unexplained chronic diarrhea for more than 1 month.

* Unexplained persistent fever for more than a month.

* Persistent oral candidiasis (thrush)

* Oral hairy leukoplakia.

* Pulmonary tuberculosis within the last 2 years

* Severe presumed bacterial infections (pneumonia, empyema, pyomyositis, bone or joint infection, meningitis, bacteremia).

* Acute necrotizing ulcerative stomatitis, gingivitis or periodontitis.

* Conditions for which confirmatory diagnostic testing is necessary.

* Unexplained anemia (hemoglobin- 8g/ dL)

* Neutropenia (neutrophils 500 cells/uL)

* Chronic thrombocytopenia (platelets 50,000 cells /uL)



* HIV wasting syndrome as defined by the CDC.

* Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia.

* Recurrent severe or radiological bacterial pneumonia.

* Chronic herpes simplex infection (oral or genital or anorectal site) for 1 month.

* Esophageal candidiasis.

* Extrapulmonary tuberculosis.

* Kaposi’s sarcoma.

* Central nervous system toxoplasmosis.

* HIV encephalopathy.

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It is also called as “migraine syndrome” or “migraine headache”


* Trigeminovascular neuron activation- there is activation of these neurons surrounding a cephalic blood vessel due to vasoconstriction. This will lead to cerebral ischemia followed by compensatory vasodilation with subsequent pain and edema.

* Heriditary- it has got autosomal dominant inheritance pattern.

* Triggering factors- includes dietary factors ( chocolate, missing meal, aged cheese ) , psychogenic ( stress, anxiety, depression ), hormonal ( menstruation, ovulation, oral contraceptive ), sleep disturbance, physical ( glare, flashing light, fluorescent light, odors high attitude ), drugs ( nitroglycerine, histamine, resperine, hydrazine, ranitidine, estrogen).


* Migraine with aura- in this an aura or pre-headache period occurs. This is characterized by visual disturbances like scintillation (seeing sparks), scotoma (partial or complete loss of light perception). There is also aphasia (loss of ability to express thoughts) and numbness over one side of the face and arm.

* Migraine without aura- in this no pre-headache period occurs.


* Age and sex distribution- it begins at young age, and primarily affects women in a ratio of four to one.

* Location- headache is unilateral (one sided) and felt in temporal, frontal and orbital region.

* Onset- headaches often begin immediately or soon after awakening. The attack may be recurrent or episodic with variable frequency, usually 1-4 in a month.

* Nature of pain- it is started with mild headache which later increases in severity. It is of throbbing quality at the peak.


Pre-headache symptoms with presence of trigger zone with throbbing type of pain.


* Severe attacks- these are controlled by ergotamine tartarate combined with caffeine, aspirin, acetaminophen, belladonna and phenobarbital.

* Mild cases- treated with methergine, beta adrenergic agents and calcium channel blockers and serotonin receptor agonists.

* Drug therapy- drug which is used in treatment of cluster head are ergotamine (2mg sublingual), sumatriptan (50-100mg tab) will give relief from the symptoms. Another drug which can be used are naratriptan (2-5mg tab), almotriptan  (12.5mg tab), rizatriptan (5-10mg tab).