A boy in an unknown city – first flight 

It was the time where i had to say my family good bye lots of people around my family my cousins with whom I partied the entire night before I left…. what was I running away from? Why did I have to drink so much? ….. was it the nervousness that I am going to stay “saath samundar par” from my people or was it because tomorrow it is going to be the first flight of mine as I am a little aerophobic? 

Soon the taxi arrived which was suppose to take me to the rajiv gandhi international airport in Hyderabad. The clock struck 10 and i was out of my home with all my bag packs and stuff….. I felt as if this was my “bidaai” ….. bidaai is a ritual that happens with the girls when they get married and leave their home….. in india. But some where the connection and the emotion of mine to bidaai was mutual i too felt the same…. was not able to face my parents nor my cousins I just collaboratedly once in for all said a good bye and sat in the taxi and I left……… 

Airport : so many planes waiting for pushback some for landing some to get to the gates…. I was searching for my indigo i352 airline. My friend said she would come a little late as my flight was supposed to be departed by 2 30 pm so she told she ‘ll come by 12 30 pm and I am the one who reached at 11 am itself…… But somehow I had my friends waiting to see me at the airport…. some where in the corner of my mind was a tiny little thought what if my companion wouldn’t turn up ? Do I have to go alone ? Do I have to catch the first flight all alone ? Questions and answers running all over my mind leaded me to a state of full blown confusion……. and one final verdict came out of my brain “if she doesn’t turn up I am not going to enter the gate” ……. and we waited to hear from her….. friends gave gifts hugs and selfies and selfies and more selfies….. 

On boarding procedures started we went to get the boarding pass I cannot believe she bought 50 of her family members just to send her off 😂😂😂😂 boarding pass checked● immigration checked● security checked ● and we had to wait until the final call for boarding….. nervous me was staring at the flight that was suppose to take us safely to Dubai I was planning my escape from the airport but didn’t know where do I go ….. I couldn’t go back home because my entire family was still there what would they think…… I had the so called “dream job” but didn’t have the courage to board the flight….. then I made up my mind now or never and boarded the flight…… the flight was signalled for pushback and was heading towards the runway ……. luck or not we had angrez as our pilot which gave me a little relief that we were in safe hands…… once the flight hit the runway it just took off in fraction of second now that’s what I call “experience” it always matters….. my companion was forcing me to look outside the window then I gathered all the courage and just peeped outside for a second I was in the clouds was i dead? That was the first question came up from the mini me that I had inside since childhood another question popped up what is going to happen next ? Will I ever land safely or will I die in sky? 

3 hours and 40 mins later we were on our final and were waiting for clear to land….. 

Dubai international airport…… 17:30 HRS local time Dubai is 1 Hr 30 mins behind India. 

Koi toh hamare peeche hai was the statement came out of my head….. 

Destiny …. karma ….. unknown city…. 

To be continued…….. 


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