A boy in an unknown city- Prologue 

Indigo airline landed at Dubai international airport flight i352 17:30 hours local time.

He was accompanied by one of his Batchmate or you can say class mate whom he didn’t know much about she was shy Indian girl. And I was chronic alcoholic. 

Before landing to Dubai international airport I had 4 months of time in hand where I had to do so called final internship or dissertation which was supposed to be submitted in the college before I leave India. But It didn’t actually happen. The question is why ? Didn’t it happen? 

I was just a regular student finished my graduation in dentistry…… so basically I was a qualified dentist “people say so” didn’t know what to do ahead in life I some how decided to do post graduation in hospital management that too after spending one year or you can say wasting one fill fledged year at home…. watching tv drinking with cousins, fighting the odds etc etc etc….. finally the day had come where I had to appear for MAT entrance test. I did give my MAT without any preparations and I managed to score 89.3 percentile, when I found out I got a 89.3 percentile I was shocked so was my family….. I got admission in one of the top 10 B schools of India.. …. 

Stay tuned for what happens next. 😁


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