A boy in an unknown  city-“the arrival” 

As we landed at the Dubai international airport, I was still struggling to hear any thing at all, sharp piercing pain in my ears which the say is very coman while landing. I was not aware that I will be facing all these terrible and unnecessary pain post landing effect u can call it 😉😉😉. 

We headed towards immigration counters we were asked to carry our e-visas in hand before we face the immigration officers. So many of them wearing their “kandooras” which is supposed to be their tradition as they say it keeps them away from the heat that is mostly seen in the UAE. I had no idea what I was doing where was I, being a boy I needed to take care of the fellow lady or my companion but it was the other way around….. I was lost totally ….. scared of those people in kandooras who are often referred to as ” the emiratis” or the locals of dubai. But to be very honest they are lovely people full of life. 

Immigration counter- the officer greeted me salam alaikum I replied walekum salam as I knew the language being in Muslim culture since my childhood I know the way they greet each other…. aarrr uuuu aaa doockktoor he asked in his arabic slang….. I had to say no just to avoid any future conversation I just wanted to finish the immigration and leave as I was aware of these immigration checks and the strict rules of dubai I had nothing but to leave…. the mini me praying inside so that I get a green signal asap and head towards the exit.

Finally we moved towards the exit i could see the world famous Dubai duty free on my right I wanted to get inside and buy tonnes of alcohol but couldn’t as I was not aware of any of the rules of the UAE hence I decided not to take any risk and keep walking towards to exit. 

Driver came to pick us up was holding a placard with both of our names on it and we went straight to him. We got into a black Camry which was off course automatic and left hand drive all this was new to me. I had no idea where the driver was taking us all he said is we r taking you to the accommodations, after 20 mins of drive the car stopped at a free parking spot and my name was called and was asked to get out of the car. I jumped out of the car driver pulled my luggage and called for the elevator it was a 4 storey building whose reception was quite dim and no body around…. mini me started having unnecessary conversations where am I? Why did they bring me here ? Are they going to kill me ? Are they going to take my passport back ? What do i do? Whom do I call? No network on my cell phone. The driver and his assistant followed me to the second floor and opened the door. It was 2 bhk lavish apartment with everything in it. But all the lights were dull felt like some of max Payne game scenes scrolling in my mind. He said this is your accommodation. I was a little hesitated to even ask him anything who knows he might get irritated and do anything to me. I peeped into the apartment and found not a single human being in this big apartment worried scared me somehow asked the accommodation incharge if any one else is staying with me he said yes Mr.adil stay in the opposite bedroom. That was his last statement of the evening and he left. 

Alone was I in the entire godforsaken apartment all dim lights we Indians are not used to such dim scary Halloween rooms all we need is bright lights and loudness and I already started missing India. Mini me again hits back was this you signed up for ? Leaving all your loved ones coming far away from them ? Is this the life u r going to choose ? And I kept checking my phone but no signs of network at all 😓😓😓😓😓 

18:30 hours local time I just stuffed my back to one corner and left went down in search of a sim didn’t knew my hunt for the sim will be very short soon I got into the store and asked for a sim he asked for my passport and I readily gave it to him after 10 mins of procedure he gave me the sim and I made the first call to India. Every one back home eagerly waiting for my call it was 8 30 pm in india and the phone rang and was answered in one ring as if they were only waiting for my call. 

The conversation begins spoke to them told them all that what happend unfortunately dad was not at home as he was busy dealing with the home shifting thing I told them all what I am scared about and how pathetic I feel I literally cried over the phone begged them to please tell this one dam line “ghar wapas aja” but they didn’t I was angry I was annoyed ki yeh kyu nahi anae derahe hai kya paisa he sab kuch hai all the Hindi films and scenes revolving round my eyes. I was planning the great escape on the day 1 itself. The next day was supposed to be our induction we were 6 choosen ones 5 girls and I was the only unfortunate boy in the gang…… 

What happend next ? Did I fled the place or I stayed back? 

Stay tuned many more on its way……. 


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