A boy in an unknown city – “the interns induction” 

No fans what do i do ? A country where everything runs on A.C. we Indians are not much fond or don’t much find centralized a.c. at our homes….. it was 21:00 hours local time and I was searching for food later I found a restaurant named “Karachi darbar” I never knew it was a Pakistani restaurant until I sat on the table and ordered the food….. as a Hyderabadi it was my birth right to be fond of biryani hence I had to order chicken tikka biryani…. to be honest it was just good cannot compare with Hyderabadi delicacies. 

22:30 hours I was in my room busy on phone trying to fix the wifi connection but kept failing… there was a door bell, I was quite surprised who could be at this hour ?, Was the question arised to my surprise the door was opened by the man himself I didn’t know why did he even had to ring the bell when he had the key “non sense” I uttered. He said hi i am adil and I obviously had to respond so I said hey i am vishwa and he disappeared into his bedroom without having a minimum courtesy of telling me the Wifi password….. I tried to sleep but couldn’t as the a.c. was not properly functional….. some how the night passed away it was 6 am when I opened my eyes had to get ready by 7 30 am and wait for the driver to come and pick me up. 

Nervousness at its best when I entered the cab that came to pick me up I just turned around to see 5 girls whom I have never seen in my entire life I just said hi and they quickly responded hello vishwa as if we knew each other since ages. It was a 30 min drive to business bay from the place where I stayed it was our corporate head quarters and we were supposed to report for duty at 8 am. Only thing that was running in my mind was “yaar abh yeh log mera passport zapt karlenge abh mai kahi nahi jasakta “. 

Business bay 8 am as we reached the parking lot of our office it was a 38 floors building for me it was the first time to enter such a tall building and the elevators were totally different we didn’t have to press any of the arrow mark but had to enter a number 38 and then enter only then would the lift come indicating A,B,C D E and F whatever the alphabet the screen showed after entering number 38 we had to stand towards the lift and enter inside. 

Mr. Rajeev thakur our HR who was given a responsibility of our entire weeks induction. He planned it as per our top heads convenience to come and give us a lecture of what the organization is all about and how do we do the right business. 

Rajeev- hey all did u get your passports. 

And we had to say yes forcefully amongst the six of us one had the courage to ask our original convocation degree which was with them we had to courier it before we landed for our visa designation she said “ek haath sae lo dusre haath sae do ” I realized that this girl had all that courage which I lack in and my respect to her increased on the first day itself. This negotiation of hers went fruitful and we were provided our degrees instantly but we were sad to give away our passports, seeing our puppy faces he said there is nothing to worry we will not keep your passports with us we have taken it only to complete the visa formalities and nothing else it would generally take 3 weeks of time and you all will be returned your passports. Sigh!!!!! All my worries took a stand still and I started building affection to the organization and the country. 

Series of boring lecturers started and we just kept staring the audio visuals of a lavish boardroom and me peeping outside the window of our boardroom just to stare the beauty of “burj khalifa” as they were our neighbours. Vishwa said the man who was giving the lecture I know your interested in the magnum opus structure but I assure you all that you all will be taken there very shortly. That raised the level of honor and affection even more to my company, mini me popped up and said “kya baat hai sahi hai beta “. 

Soon it was lunch time and our HR manager came to us and said guys “bhuk lagi hai ” ? And again the mini me popped up “haan kutton ki tarah sir ” we were taken for lunch moti mahal right next to our office and I ordered again the same chicken tikka biryani but this time it was indeed lip smacking we had it all tummy full we were and was our manager he said now no more boring lectures let’s register you over our intranet portal and give u your laptops and official email ids suddenly I felt so important person of the organization “they are giving us laptops and official email id wow i said” abh ayega mazza kaam karne mae. 

Lenovo t450 was the laptop given to us which itself costed over a lakh rupees and we were also given our official email ids. I felt so important for myself for the first time in my life “haan yaar hum mae koi toh baat hai ” was my perception, we all were happy the entire week just passed by staring at burj khalifa and the audio visuals of our lavish board room.

The company provided us a city tour by their own expenditure we were having the best time of our lives. 

Will I survive ? Will I pull it off and become Assistant Manager within 6 months of training? How many hurdles will I have in between? Will I be able to attend the convocation back in india? 

Stay tuned for “the survival” 


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