A boy in an unknown city- the survival 

And our fun time was over….. soon we were in the Dubai health authority where all of us had to go for blood tests and x ray etc… this was the protocol followed before issuing the Emirates resident ID card. 

All the management trainees were placed in different verticals of the organization. We were into the immersion program where in we assigned a mentor and a buddy to finish up the immersion, we had to have a thorough understanding of the business before we were moved to our main projects. As days passed by i started to get acclimatized to the new surroundings luckily i was placed in the Indian dominant areas of dubai which by itself gave me a feel of mini India. 

Soon it all started I got busy understanding each and every aspect of the business thoroughly. It was the time when our God of cricket visited for the 200th opening of our pharmacy store right opposite to the hospital it wasn’t just a pharmacy store it was a hypermarket. The crowd went crazy waiting for him for almost 3 hours then he showed up on stage, he was right in front of me I couldn’t believe my eyes I am watching the man himself who actually made my childhood awesome a true Indian a genuine sportsmen can’t add adjectives it would be an insult to the man’s stature he is just GOD. Amongst the crowd the cheer the noise my phone rang!!!!!! It was our corporate HR manager she asked me to get the gang straight to office tomorrow morning, in return I had the guts to ask her what is it ? Is there any problem landing up for us was the question burst out of mouth. She politely answered “No vishwa not at all “. The Sachin fever just faded for all of us we were there right in front of him but our mind was totally lost thinking of what’s coming in hot for us. 

10 am corporate head quarters we reported to her PA right on time he asked us to sit down and wait. It was a 2 hour long wait in the lavish lounge. 12 pm she landed out of no where and said hey guys how u been doing lately in American accent we didn’t know what to respond to her obnoxious accent we just looked at each other’s faces and stayed calm. Soon we were again into the board meeting, yes the same lavish board room with all the amenities and off course the burj khalifa around us. 

“Good news guys” she exclaimed we were suprised of what the good news is, yet again we dashed into each other blank and lost. One of you will be shifted to Qatar was her statement and I till date don’t have the answer of what exactly happend at that moment and everything turned out to be a fish market “hamla” “aakraman” ” halla bol” all this came out of every management trainees mind and we gave her a full blown resistance. None of us agreed to go to Qatar as it was just a month we reached Dubai and have just started to acclimatize ourselves. No matter what we do we fight we resist at the end of the day boss is always right and we had to face the COO of Qatar, meanwhile all the mini devils inside us discussed “chahe jo bhi ho hum sab saath mae he usko mana karenge ” . We all went to meet him like unwanted bulls and only slated yes sir no sir as if we were least bothered what he was asking.😂😂😂😂. 

And we were asked to leave and resume offices but we decided to go on a nice lunch and waste our time there, as a boy I take the credit of this plan only boys have the liberty to think about fooling around unlike girls😎😎😎 hence we followed the plan and had lunch for almost 2 hours it was almost 5 pm we returned to our base camps and just crawling around like infants wasted another one hour and was the time to go home. 

Thoughts like “I have successfully wasted another day of my life ” came across my mind. 

Stay tuned for who is that one human that is going to get a Qatar transfer ? Will there be more turns and twists or just a simple stay ? 

Coming up next…….. 


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